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Lawn Maintenance

lawn care service

Maintaining high visibility lawns is not a simple task; it is more than just regular lawn mowing or leaf removal. You generally don’t want to remove more than 30-40% of the plant tissue, but you still want to remove dead grass, leaves, and other debris.

Lawns that have a high level of traffic may have moss plants that signal compaction. In this case, lawn aerating can be done to solve the problem. The goal of any aeration is to get air into the soil, loosening up clay and compaction. This improves drainage and bioactivity, and should help bring about better soil structure and deeper rooted, healthier grass. Core aerating machines attempt to do this by removing plugs of grass and soil.

Monster Contractors offers lawn maintenance services to give you that thick turf with vibrant color or keep your natural lawn looking well kept. In promoting a healthy growing lawn environment, our general contractors are trained to know the formulated balance of nutrients, minerals, and slow release fertilizers.

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